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Training Workshops for MHV Members

This is a page to flesh out the details of in-house training workshops wanted by members and how we will organise and run them.

(A few workshops have been added that don't really fit the “small group training on existing equipment” criteria, we can split them onto a different page if this becomes a problem)

Motivation & Process

The initial purpose of the workshops is:

  1. to allow members to become familiar with the tools/equipment available at MHV, and
  2. to build-up the number of members who are competent to train/familiarise others in the use of them.

The Process for getting training workshops going on a regular and formalised basis is:

  • identify the topics and scope of training required by having members describe workshops they would like to attend.
    • start an annotated list here (on the Wiki) of topics and scope of training desired.
    • point members to this page via the mailing list, Facebook etc
    • put up sign/s at the space.
    • Encourage members to add topics and edit scopes
  • members to review/edit the list and nominate which workshops they would like to attend
    • minimum number may depend on whether there are material costs involved and whether these are per attendee or fixed
    • cost to include access fee for each trainee
    • five is a nice number
    • for each topic added to the list, members should nominate their preferred days and times
  • we should then be able to use this page to sort out whether there is a genuine opportunity to run a workshop on a particular topic
    • ie. whether there are sufficient people likely to be available on particular day (date) and time for the session to go ahead
    • At that stage we can approach the rest of the membership for someone to do the training or for suggestions.
  • Having the space opened and setup for the training (and cleaned and tidied afterwards) and getting any needed extra tools or consumables will be the responsibility of the participants - not the trainer.
  • Any food and beverage to supplied by the trainees - including for the trainer
    • can be included in cost if the session is long enough to warrant a meal or food break
    • pizza is nice, but so is Asian from Dickson.
  • One of the trainees will produce a brief report of the session and put it here on the Wiki for future reference
    • this can then be used to improve or repeat the session
    • it can also become the handout for future sessions and be part of the familiarisation kit / manual for each piece of equipment.
Suggestion: the scope of workshops should be limited to practical and hands-on application of the tools actually in the MHV workshop - or brought in for the purpose. They should not seek to cover large topics at the level of theory or principal. For example “3D printing” would be too broad - the topic should be something like “Setting up and using the MHV 3D Printer with a simple design file and basic software”. Participants should be encouraged/expected to have done any basic background reading they need before the workshop

Template for Training Workshop Proposals

Copy the following markup to a new page and fill-in as appropriate. (look into replacing this with a dokuwiki namespace template)

=====Course Name======

**Topic:** summary of topic here.


  * point
  * point
    * sub point
  * point
    * sub point

**Duration:** eg one hour, half day, full day, multiple sessions

|| **Member** || **Availability/Notes** ||
|| <Add your name here> || <Availability> ||

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