A proposed competition loosely based on the Sparkfun AVC.

Teams will build robots to follow a line through a carpark.

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Competitors can enter on the day.

The competition will be held at the MHV Space on Saturday 22nd November from 9am.

The robots may use any form of ground based locomotion (wheels, hovercraft, etc) as they wish.

The robot must be operate autonomously for the entire length of the course.

There will be two divisions:


  • Maximum robot size 15x15x10cm (LxWxH)
  • Individuals or teams of up to 4 people
  • The robot's parts must total less than RRP $200
  • Black tape (~1cm width) will be used to denominate the course. It will be held on the tables in the garage downstairs. Depending on the weather, the tables may be placed outside.
  • The course will be 15-20m long with tight curves and the occasional gradient change.


  • Maximum robot size 30x30x20cm (LxWxH)
  • Individuals or teams of up to 4 people
  • The robot's parts must total less than RRP $350
  • Spray-able chalk will be used (white colour, available from Bunnings) to indicate the course that the robots must follow. The course will be in the MHV carpark.
  • The course will be 40m long with sharp curves and uneven gradient.

Entries will be on the day.

A small sample course of the Indoor division is available at MHV (lower garage) in order to allow competitors to test their vehicles.

A small sample course of the Outdoor division is available at MHV (outside, jetty side of the garage) in order to allow competitors to test their vehicles.

A video of the Indoor test course:

People interested in entering should email Stephen with their team details (so I can get an idea of numbers), or put them in the Register of Interest below.

A build-your-own line following robot workshop will be run at MHV before the competition, on the 15th November.


Workshop is at

Competitors will be judged by the time taken to by their robots to complete the course, the faster the better. Each team will have 3 opportunities to run the course, with their best time used for scoring.

Any robot that goes off the indicated line for more than 10cm (Indoor division) or 20cm (Outdoor division) or does not reach the finish line will be deemed to have not completed the course.

Teams must be present and able to halt or “catch” the vehicle during the competition. This can be as simple as picking it off the course and disconnecting the power.

The competition organisers reserve the right to disqualify any robot that presents a danger to other competitors or spectators.

The event provides a potential opportunity to promote MHV.

Members could give some thought to what MHV activities could be showcased while the Challenge is on (eg. quadcopters, rocketry, 3D printing, general hacking, the GovHack Project) - a sort of open day/minimaker faire.

A sausage sizzle might also go down well and we will need to have drinks and chips etc. available for purchase by competitors and visitors.

If we can agree on the scale of event we want and any ancillary activities, we can promote the event from about 6 weeks out - eg. to schools, CIT, uni student and via media. A poster/postcard would be nice. Here's an attempt at one:

A different version, postcard sized. contact Brenda for the PSD file.

This section contains questions and answers from participants.

Is my robot required to have a GPS module? No. The competition is designed not to require one. Given the robot is required to follow a thin line, a GPS would not have the required precision to help with this.

And sharp corners I am assuming right/left angles? Sharp corners may include left/right angles.

Is object/obstacle avoidance recommended/required? There will be no obstacles in the way.

Power supplies are “whatever” as long as it's self contained? As long as the power supply is safe (in the eyes of the judges), go for it!

Also with the ramps, are they going to be the kind where you have to find them? or will the white line lead you to the leap of faith? The line will be continuous through the course (including the ramps) - once you put the robot at the starting point, it can follow it to the end, assuming it doesn't loose the line! Then you'll need to find it again.

Given we're following a line I take it people will be either running one at a time? or rally style? (one after another, fastest first, slowest last) Competitors will be going one at a time. However, if there's lots of entrants we may run them staggered (ie. start one robot whilst the other is 1/2 way through)

Member Role / Notes Contact
Stephen Dade Organiser
Paul Garrett helper
Eyal Lebedinsky helper
Jack Pittar participant
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