Topic: This is a workshop for people who are new to soldering, or people who would like to practice their soldering skills and pick up some tips.

Soldering is one of those very basic skills that almost every maker will need at some stage. It isn't difficult, but some basic knowledge of materials, tools and techniques can avoid a lot of potential problems.

There are some good online resources (eg. and real books that do a good job of explaining and demonstrating soldering but nothing beats a “hands on” session with a real person.

The Space has several soldering irons and stations and enough materials for beginners to practice basic techniques. We may also have some electronics kits available at a small price for participants to build.

The introductory session will cover:

Presenter/participants intros - participants should say something about their current knowledge/experience /skill level and their hopes and dreams for the session (so the presenter can tailor things to suit).

Brief overview of soldering; what it is for, different types, basic principles.

Tools and Materials for different types of soldering; irons, stations, solder, clamps/vices, ventilators, handy do-dads

Safety and good practice. How not to burn yourself and others. What about lead poisoning?

Basic Techniques: (demo and practical)

  • Setting up to solder
  • Joining two wires
  • Through hole (Perf board and PCB) component soldering; positioning, making a good joint, connecting, clipping, testing.
  • Header pins and other connectors,
  • Make a Through-Hole Kit - plan, build, test (kit could be supplied by participant or MHV)

More Advanced Techniques

  • More challenging components (examples: ICs, things with oversized legs, old and oxidised components)
  • Desoldering
  • Surface Mount Components (demo or video and try a couple)


  • Q&A
  • Sharing Tips (ideas and techniques, not actual soldering iron tips)
  • Clean and Tidy the Space

Participants are welcome to stay at the space and practice their new skills (if a keyholder is present)

Duration: to be determined; probably a half day or 3 hours one evening for the “formal” bits.

Note that this Workshop is only run “on demand”, so enter your name below and let people know you are interested via the mailing list or Facebook. We have a number of members who are certified ninja soldering gurus so it won't be too hard to find a presenter. Some of them may even be prepared to conduct less formal one-on-one or small group sessions.

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