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Social Coding With Git


Introduction to Git and Github for beginners


Use training materials from OpenTechSchool: Social Coding with Git course to introduce people to how to use git and github. From their introduction:

“We’ll be using Git, a popular tool for storing and sharing source code. It’s a tool that keeps a copy of your source code, but not just one copy. It keeps track of every version of every file in a repository. In addition we’ll also use GitHub to host your Git repositories online for you.”

Anyone interested in helping out should have a look at the OpenTechSchool coaching guidelines, I think their approach works well. People work through the materials at their own pace, helping each other and the coaches are there to help people when they get stuck.

Please indicate in the Availability/Notes below whether you can help out as a coach.

Duration: 3 hours

Member: Brenda Moon

Register of Interest

Member Availability/Notes
Jamie Reid Weekends / Nights [Happy to help present]
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