Roland plotter with cutter

Topic: Roland plotter with cutter: Tools, techniques and tricks.

We have a Roland plotter with a cutter attachment of some sort. This workshop aims to fill you in on all the grizzly details,

Poltters are vector printing devices intended for outputting blueprints and schematic diagrams (often of larger sizes). They usually operate with a drum-fed or flatbed page and some kind of 2D pen-drive.

Since the quality and resolution of raster printers has increased (dot-matrix, laser, ink-jet), plotters have become less common.

One specialised use for this plotter is a cutter attachment to enable it to cut-out sheet material. Exactly what this plotter with cutter is capable-of is unclear to the author, but some common uses for this kind of thing are:

  • Shaped vinyl sticker/decal cut-outs
  • Stencil/masks for various applications (Light-exposure, spray-painting, solder-deposition)
  • Papercraft
  • tailored material-cutting
  • ?
  • About the plotter
    • Basic make/model details
    • General capabilities
    • Physical unit history (?)
  • Safety
    • Electrocution (?)
    • Cut/crush hazards (?)
    • Other (?)
  • Interfacing specifics
    • What comms/power requirements are needed
    • What OSes are supported
    • What drivers need to be installed
    • What application software is needed
    • Any software installation/authorisation is needed (if any?)
  • Design origination
    • Make a design in some vector tool?
    • Gotchas/tricks/limitations that need to be kept in mind
  • Processing/rendering to output format
  • Media-setup
  • “Printing” (cutting?)
  • Clean-up/maintenance tasks(?)
  • Cool tricks
  • Interactive lab session (?)
    • Bring a design & print it (?)
    • Follow a script to produce some example output (?)

Duration: One hour seems like a nice round number, possibly longer with some practical application and/or hand-holding for the students.

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