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MHV Quadcopter Workshop 2.0


Note: This workshop is currently on hold pending delivery of flight electronics

This workshop is designed to run though the construction, calibration and flying of small quadcopters based on the Pixhawk flight controller.

It will be run over the course of 4-5 weeknights for construction and testing and a weekend for flying lessons.

Key details

  • Based Pixhawk flight controller running the APM:Copter software.
  • Cost will be \$730 per person (includes all hardware). This does not include MHV membership fees.
  • Workshop dates will be 24th July, 31st July and 7th August for the build.
  • There will be a little soldering required in the workshop.
  • There are 12 spots available for the workshop.
  • A laptop is required for running the ground station software
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