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 +====== Electronics Wednesdays ======
 +**This is now happening every Wednesday evening - see calendar**
 +I am looking at setting up an ongoing informal electronics workshop. My starting point is that I would like to open the space on a regular basis (say Wednesday evenings) and come in with the express purpose of working on electronics projects. This would likely include some formal workshops depending upon level interest. In the event that no '​formal'​ workshop is planned for the evening, general electronics hacking ensues. In the scope I'm putting the various bits and pieces I tend to cover in my own hacking. This is intended to be an open ended workshop for all experience levels, those with more experience can help those with less. (Geoff)
 +This is some of the stuff I can probably support covering myself:
 +  * Soldering: from basics through to SMD, rework, prototyping and freeforming
 +  * Interfacing with microcontrolers (eg arduino)
 +    * LEDs
 +    * 3V3<​=>​5V logic
 +    * Serial comms
 +  * Rapid electronics prototyping:​ how to go from idea to artwork in a few hours.
 +  * Basic design stuff
 +    * How to breadboard and prototype with debugging and rework in mind
 +    * Ground/s
 +  * Bare metal code - messing with microcontrollers\\This is a little more on the soft side of the hard/soft ware divide. I like to work with an opensource toolchain. Debugging a project can be interesting when it isn't clear if the issue is in the code or the hardware...
 +    * setting up a toolchain (under linux) ​
 +    * arduino
 +    * mhvavr?
 +    * c,makefiles
 +    * debugging?
 +I intend to open the space for maybe 2.5-3 hours each week. Probably Wednesdays as the page name implies...
 +====Interest Register:​====
 +^ Member ^ Availability/​Notes ^
 +| <your name> | <​Availability/​Notes>​ |
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