Intro To Bitcoin

Previously run on 8 April 2014

Learn the basics of Bitcoin, what it is, how to use it, and how to keep them secure.

  • What are Bitcoins?
    • The concept of Cryptocurrency
    • Wallets, local and web
    • The Blockchain, et al; The nuts and bolts of bitcoin.
  • How do you use them?
    • Transactions, buying and selling
    • Value, historical and speculative
  • What is Bitcoin Mining?
    • How you do it, methods, miners and pools
    • Is it profitable?
  • Alternate Cryptocurrencies

Duration: 1-2 hours plus discussion and questions

Cost: Free, but bitcoin tips appreciated ;)

Organisers: waiting for interest

Date: waiting for interest

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Organised by: Cameron, Calum and Andreas.

Attended by (based on interest list, may not be correct): Calum, Cameron Moon, Adam Thomas, Brenda Moon, Andreas, Glen, Jamie, Sebastian, Owen, Ken

  • I would like to thank those involved with this session. It was well done despite the projector. (Owen)
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