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 +====== Arduino Rover Workshop (Basic) =======
 +**Topic:** Make a basic arduino rover in 1-3 sessions
 +  * Basically, to create a 3 wheel rover that does the sort of autonomous moving around ​ things that a basic lego NXT robot does but using a basic arduino for brain & really easy to get pastic waste or other waste for chassis etc.
 +  * Parts
 +    * something like a 1/1.5 kg honey pot for the chasis?
 +    * sensors for distance or sound or line following for movement guidance?
 +    * arduino?
 +    * electricity- 9v square batteries or battery pack with aa size rechargable batteries-may need double set since servos eat battery more than normal arduino?
 +    * two servos for wheels with axle
 +    * not sure if a gearbox/​suspension would be needed? (probably not for simple one)
 +    * either buy driving wheels (I'm sure they are cheap) or improvise, eg: bottle lids with rubber band around for "​tread"​
 +    * pivot wheel/​wheels set for the third "​corner"​
 +    * laptop with arduino software on it for editing and downloading software to the rover
 +    * USB jack
 +    * LED on arduino/​separately on the rover to indicate that certain stages in a program have been reached (for problem shooting)?
 +  * control schema:
 +    * I imagine that the rover would work by telling the wheels to eg "turn for a certain amount of time or doign revolution counting- turn both wheels at the same speed until the distance sensor (ultrasonic??​) says something is 10 cm away"
 +  * goal of workshop:
 +    * have a working rover and then have them negotiate an obstacle course or scavenger hunt (autonomously),​ goal could be just finishing or have fastest time or
 +    * have a rover dance competition.
 +    * alternatively could pursue a "bomb disposal"​ theme.....making something to do something that looks like bomb disposal.
 +    * if you wated to, you could highlight some of the classical robotics problems: callibration of servos, callibration of sensors, programming,​ interference from outside affecting sensors etc.
 +  * Extension
 +    * if we could add a camera to the robot, could then play with streaming wireless video feed back to our laptop?
 +**Duration:​** I have no idea. I'm guessing this may take a few sessions in a row.
 +**Cost:** Could we assume most people have arduino boards already? Some supply of sensors (but assume some people have them already). Main cost should be servos/​wheels.
 +**Member:** Matthew Jones (I would like to DO this workshop, not volunteering as teacher)
 +====Interest Register:​====
 +^ Member ^ Availability/​Notes ^
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