Topic: Continuing on from the Intro to Game Dev workshop, learn how to get started in some of Unity's more advanced systems.

  • Manipulating transforms - screen and world space, orienting a movement to a rotation, useful and powerful functions.
  • State Machines
    • Overview of writing state machines to drive object behaviour (Core to most games)
  • Unity's Navigation System - Nav Mesh
    • Setting up Nav Agents
    • Baking Nav Mesh
    • Obstacles
    • Off-mesh Nav Links (If we have time!)
  • Node-based Pathfinding
    • Implementing Dijkstra's Algorithm in Unity (From this you can transition to A* and other systems)
  • Static Instances (Similar to singletons)
  • Making full use of Unity's Input Axes
  • More coming soon
    • Still figuring out all the topics :)

Bring: A laptop running Windows or OSX, with the latest version of Unity installed.

Pre-requisites: To appreciate this course you MUST have pre-existing experience with Unity and programming in C#. Please make sure you understand and can code functionality such as moving and instantiating objects, registering collisions and taking keyboard/mouse input.

Duration: 3 or more hours with a short break and pizza (bring money if you want pizza).

Organiser: Calum is a full-time game developer climbing the mountain of Unity mastery. His brainchild is the local game dev startup Cardboard Keep (

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