Server Change Log

If you do something on the server (upgrades, install services, fix broken things) please make a quick note here.

If you make a change to the server config, please update the ServerConfig page too.

How to make an entry

* Place newest entries first after this one.

* Type the first line like this:

===== Description of change =====


The Ipex clients were all hanging on their first PXE boot screen, with the prompt “TFTP…”.

This seems to be because UDP packets with TFTP data started fragmenting (don't know why!?) Turned block size down to 512 in /etc/default/tftpd-hpa to fix.


/mnt/scratch had failed but a replacement 500Gb disk was donated. Note that the main disks are in the top row at the front of the case, and the /mnt/scratch disk is underneath at left side.



Setting up elucidata govhack2013 project demo on morphia. Installed python2.7 using these instructions

Installed python modules pandas, flask, regex, sqlalchemy, requests in python2.7

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