MaHaVo Robot - MHV Task Automation

When the MHV calendar ( is updated with a new event, two layers of automation are used to post the new event to the MHV Facebook group and to the MHV Discourse forum in the space opening category.

On the makehackvoid account has two 'zaps' active. One copies new calendar events from the public MHV calendar into the private calendar. This lets the next automation layer - ifttt described below see the new event. The second 'zap' uses the details of the new calendar entry to post the event to the MHV Discourse space opening category.

On the makehackvoid account has one 'recipe' active which looks for new events in the calendar (private calendar) and posts the details to the Facebook MHV Group as a timeline update. It wasn't possible for ifttt to check the public MHV calendar directly, the recipe only allows the private default calendar to be seen.

Both places have 15 minute polling for new events, so the Forum post should appear within 15 minutes of creating a new calendar entry, but the Facebook post may take as long as 30 minutes to appear.

NOTE: only new calendar events are being detected, so the recurring Tuesday meetup events don't create posts. One option is to add a new event for the Tuesday when you would like the notifications posted to the forum and Facebook and then delete the single instance of the recurring event (or just leave it there).

If you change an event, you need to manually post the changes to Facebook and the Discourse forum, there is no automation for changes.

Our IRC channel has a robot called bradfield that expands links posted in the forums.

The MHV SpaceProbe sends out tweets as @makehackvoid and emails to the MHV Announce mailing list when the space opens and closes.

The open and close events also turn on and off the coloured strip lights at MHV

The Space Probe also updates the MHV status API which is compliant to the Hackerspace Status API

TODO: need to add MHV to

Doens't work when internet is down at MHV.

TODO: add some documentation here

TODO: add some documentation here

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