3D Printer Group Buy (Inactive)

It is proposed that MHV members contribute to a group buy of a 3D printer. Specifically the Up Plus 2. Specifications are available at http://store.3dprintingsystems.com/3D_Printers/UP%203D%20Printers/UP_Plus_2, but in summary:

  • 140 x 140 x 135mm build volume
  • 150 micron layer thickness
  • Automatic plaform levelling

The buy will consist of 1x Up Plus 2. At the time of writing, any purchase of an Up Plus 2 comes with a free ScanMaster (RRP $695), which we can sell to offset the cost of the Up Plus two.

The Up Plus 2 costs $1950 from http://store.3dprintingsystems.com/3D_Printers/UP%203D%20Printers/UP_Plus_2

Shipping will be an additional $84.

Members of MHV can contribute any amount they feel is suitable. Anyone who wants to purchase the ScanMaster from this buy is welcome to, for a minimum contribution of $600.

The Up Plus 2 will work with the existing ABS spools of plastic within the space.

As with the other printers, MHV will provide the extruder plastic free of charge.

The Up Plus 2 will be located upstairs on the bench next to the Rostock 3D printer. It will be connected via USB to the Mac computer on the other side of the wall.

Suggestions are welcome for any sort of small PC that can be used for this purpose, as long as it's capable of running the Cura software.

Jack: I suggest we collect a bit more and purchase a few rolls to go with it.

Name Contact Details Pledged Amount Notes
Stephen Dade stephen_dade@hotmail.com $200 Wants the printer to be in black
Jack Pittar jpittar@bigpond.net.au $300 I vote for the printer to be red
Miles Goodhew miles@m0les.com $250 I want flames painted down the side
Paul Garrett aubrey.conversely@gmail.com $300 blue, no flames. Glow-in-dark bunnies. Ok then, black.
Tony Pack tony.pack@me.com $250 sunset scene with coconut palms and a couple walking hand in hand down a beach… Mmmm how about just black
Bob McKinney $20
Owen Cook rcook@pcug.org.au $30
Michael Thorpe thormirt@gmail.com $30
Andreas Look for me in the shadows… $100
Andrew Loughhead andrew.loughhead@gmail.com $100

Once the $2034 mark has been reached, I will contact each person on the donations list for organising payment. Once ordered I suspect we should have the printer within a couple of weeks.

EDIT: Due to the lack of interest, this purchase will not be going ahead.

This buy is being organised by Stephen Dade. If you have any questions or comments, send it to the MHV Makers list. Otherwise you can email me privately at stephen_dade@hotmail.com

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