Draft Laser Cutter Funding Agreement

MHV has decided to purchase a commercial Laser Cutter (see parent page) for use by members. The initial purchase will be funded by a combination of individual member contributions and an MHV contribution. The Laser Cutter will be significant piece of equipment for the Space and the costs and risks are are also significant.

This is a working draft - please edit or add to it if you have views.

The purpose of having a Laser Cutter Funding Agreement is to ensure that all (initial/foundation) financial contributors to the purchase of the cutter - and others who may have an interest - know what the contributors get for their money in terms of:

  • their personal access to the machine
  • how their contribution is accounted for in terms of their use time
  • how access and charging for non-contributors will be managed
  • their responsibilities with regard to using and maintaining the machine
  • what happens if something goes wrong with machine and it becomes unavailable for use or is decommissioned before its expect end-of-life.

As this is the first time MHV has tried to formalise the arrangements for such a significant piece of equipment, there may be times when the Committee and interested members may seek a change to the conditions of use of the machine or procedures relating to its management based on experience or unforeseen events.

We don't want the Agreement to be an overly legalistic or long document - its primary purpose is to make sure everyone involved understands their basic rights and responsibilities and to provide a basis for resolving any issues that do arise on the basis of that common understanding.

  • will identify the machine's features, price, and the acquisition timeline
  • will be tailored to each individual - citing their name and financial contribution.
  • will acknowledge receipt (by MHV) of the financial contribution

This part will also make clear that the Agreement does not override any general or specific equipment use policies relating to safety, training, or induction requirements for the machine or the Space generally. Contributors may only use the machine if these policies are followed. The machine will also have a manual that must be adhered to by all users.

Everyone who uses the machine has the normal MHV responsibility to clean up and leave the machine ready for the next user.

  • set out the understanding about access to the machine in terms of:

Access to the machine is on a “first come first served” basis - contributors do not get preferential access over non-contributors who may be validly using the machine. If necessary, a booking system will be implemented that will override casual use.

As a general rule, the machine will be available for use whenever the Space is open however all users must respect other Space users and not assume that the use of the Cutter has automatic priority over other uses of the Space. Normal protocols for negotiation of use of the Space between users will apply.

  • set out the way the contributor's financial contribution is translated into use time on laser:

The MHV Committee will set a standard time-based use fee ($/minute) based on the expected life of the machine and its replacement and maintenance cost plus any set-up costs, consumables and insurance, if any.

The standard time-based fee may be revised by the Committee at any time based on changes to cost structure or the expected maintenance requirements. The new rate will then apply to all use from that date.

Time in this context refers to the time the machine is actually cutting material - which is recorded by the machine. Members may be asked to log their usage to ensure proper accounting.

The cost and acquisition of materials to be cut, including for demonstration or test cuts, is the responsibility of each user (although MHV may purchase and on-sell common materials and provide some material for training purposes if agreed by the Committee).

Contributors' use will be deducted from the amount they individually contributed until all of their pre-purchased time is exhausted OR the machine is decommissioned.

Member's contributions are held as notional accounts and are not available for withdrawal, transfer to another person or conversion to anything else.

No refunds will be given for pre-purchased time not used or if a member leaves MHV for any reason or the machine is decommissioned earlier than expected.

Non-contributors use will be charged at the same rate but in real money paid at the time the machine is used.

Non-contributor's payments for use belong to MHV for use as the Committee decides.

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