Working Bees

Working bees are a way for the community to get together and work on things that better the MHV space and community. A list is kept here of ideas and things to work on. Add anything else you can think of to this list.

We usually also organise a group lunch to keep the day social :)

From 10am to 6pm, come for part or all of the session.

Add yourself to the table below if you are able to attend (or in the Facebook group), and suggest materials that you will need to get projects done.

Member Planning to work on anything specific?
lots of people on facebook :)
You what you intend to help with

More details for most of these is available on the Improving MHV page on the wiki

  • Monthly cleaning list on todo page
  • Improve power connection for flood lights
  • Finish setting up cabling for coloured light strips upstairs
  • Metal guard plates around the ground-level doors (need to buy guards or use metal from lockers)
  • Continue working on the Electronic Locks project
  • Signage for how to operate the 3D printer (and a note not to touch the screws!)
  • more painting upstairs?
  • signs / painting for the Downstairs doors letting people know what's on the other side (Woodshop for example)?
  • Sort out surface mount components - at least to stage of having list (on wiki?) of what we have
Item Where Project/why? Note
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