Garage Wall Build

This page is to organise the project of building a wall installation for the MHV garage (small and large or just large?).

The purpose of this is to stop bugs and birds entering the space above the roller doors, provide a place to mount security equipment and lights, and sport our MHV signage.

The wall will have sliding door like at Downer but will be insulated an go up to ceiling for warmth in winter and cool in summer.

People involved in this project are as follows, please put your name below and any info you wish to add above!

Note from Jack (organiser)

I am working on the design of the bird & draught seal on the outside top of the roller doors. Any input or ideas from anyone with building experience would be welcome.

Name Availability/Notes/Contact
Jack Pittar Organiser
Jamie Reid very little experience with wood working, but happy to be another set of hands
Paul Garrett as for Jamie. I can hold things upright and offer useless advice
Andreas Some basic experience. I'm comfortable with most tools. I can be available 1 day during the week (Friday preferred) with notice.
Add your name Any notes
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