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List of all projects available

Read about projects being worked on at MHV, document your projects, suggest or join in on group projects!

Group Projects

Group projects are setup so that people can work together on the same project. Sometimes this might be on a single product but can also be working together to create something for each participant.

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Community Improvement Projects

These are group projects aimed at improving the MHV community. (maybe Move MHV to Ginninderra House should be here not above?)


MHV is developing a prospectus for seeking sponsorship. Update these pages with your suggestions/improvements for this project.

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Finding a New Space 2013

We found Ginninderra House and have moved! Old pages have been moved to history

Individual Projects

Share projects that you are working on so other people can be inspired and learn from what you've done. Document completed projects or works in progress.

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