Soldering Station Upgrade

Author: badmonkey — Thu, 26/04/2012 - 5:48pm

The Story So Far

After rooting around the junk pile I happened apon this fan, which is certainly powerful enough for the job.

Extraction Fan Extraction Hose Little Controller Knob Thing

I spent an afternoon pulling apart the bench and cutting holes in various places - the bench power cables have been recessed into the bench to allow the use of the wall power socket currently hidden by the bench.

Anyway, long story short, power tools were used to cut a lot of holes in things. :-)

Some flexible piping was added, and voila! A decent little fume extraction system.

The extraction fan has been hidden in the cupboard under the bench. Which means that it currently dumps all the fumes into that cupboard - but more on that later.

So, I hear you ask, How do I use this new amazing extraction fan?

Well nothing could be simpler!

On the bench, there should be a little white box with a knob. Turn it one way for off and the other for suck … fumes that is.

Place the other end of the flexible hose and begin soldering, confident at the lack of fumes!

So I'm pretty happy with where the bench is, I accomplished what I set out to do - upgrade the fume extraction system (and cut holes in things with power tools!).

But as with all projects there's many things that still could be done. Please, go ahead and do them (doOcracy!).

  • Fit filter to output of extraction fan
  • Cut vent in side of cupboard, fit fan output and filter to vent.
  • Setup current usage sensor, to detect if someone left an iron on.
  • Timer for bench power, or some remote switch.
  • Some other hairbrain thing I havn't thought of!
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