MHV's Insurance

MHV has a business pack of insurance policies through Local and Community Insurance services. This pack includes:

  • $30,000 contents insurance for fire and other insured events.
  • $20,000 contents insurance for theft following forcible entry ($2,500 if no forcible entry).
  • Public liability insurance against negligence of office bearers.
  • Workers compensation cover for people undertaking MHV business.

One thing that is not covered is general injury, death and loss/damage of property for people attending the space (Whether members or not). We just can't get cover for this. So we need to reduce the likelihood of this happening as best we practically can.

The first thing we need to do is generally make sure the space is run in as safe a manner as practical (Which we must do anyway, regardless of insurance cover). Note that if we're not enjoying ourselves, there's no point in being here, so that will modulate our risk-tolerance, hence: “As safe a manner as practical”.

Our insurance broker also recommended we ensure everyone attending the space (Especially non-members attending one-off workshops) are informed about MHV's cover situation. So it's proposed we start every workshop by reading out the following three sentences:

Use of all equipment, buildings and facilities of MakeHackVoid is done so at your own risk.
MakeHackVoid cannot compensate you for any personal injury or death, nor loss or damage to your property.
Make sure you enjoy yourself but please ensure you conduct yourself in this space in a safe manner and raise any safety concerns with a MakeHackVoid officer or committee member.

Additionally it's proposed we add that text to notices posted inside the main entrance ways like so: PDF version SVG source

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