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Improving MHV - Completed Items

A record of what has been completed at each working bee from the main community todo list.

Strengthen doors to garages

doors a fairly secure now

  • inspect screws and doorjamb. Inspect screws in strike plate
  • Metal guard plates around locks to prevent prying
    • Taylor and Doug were working on this at the Working Bee. And have come back and finished the one to the small garage - looks great.
  • Security screen doors in front of wooden doors

SSL Certificates for all sites

* done in early 2015

Setup computers - need to have linux put on them instead of LTSP

* computers were bought for downstairs and setup with linux.

Again only a small turn out, but we got a lot done. Do need more people to turn up please.

  • kitchen & bathroom cleaned.
  • small workshop rearranged and more stuff thrown out - tables now against walls. Feels much more open.
  • large workshop tidied up and more stuff thrown out - ready to use for workshops again
  • bbq cleaned
  • emergency medical contact form and file for it created

Another successful working bee with a huge amount done! Thank you everyone that helped out today (at least 14 people turned up). Things that were done (in no particular order!)

  • kitchen & bathroom cleaned. I don't think they have every been so clean before!
  • window sills cleaned
  • wall near fire cupboard painted white ready for geometric pattern
  • toilet started painting white (didn't have 2nd drop sheet, so only edges done with brush)
  • poly filler in more holes
  • outside windows at each side of building cleaned
  • drink cans restocked
  • all rooms vacuumed
  • brackets for glass added to 3D printer
  • various signs made, laminated and put up
  • filling cabinet sorted out
  • more unpacking, organising & labelling downstairs (really close now!)
  • shelves added in kitchen
  • discourse forum config finished
  • historic instruments checked & being fixed up (not finished)
  • network rack & server moved onto table (shelves reused in kitchen)
  • printer queue fixed so it connects to printer
  • all the bins emptied
  • load of rubbish taken to tip
  • vending cabinet removed
  • lots of other tidying & organising.
  • excess books & large fan waiting to be picked up
  • blinds in kitchen & toilet taken down (still behind couch - didn't finish packing them away)
  • bought some hammers (hanging in workshop)

Only 4 people showed up.

  • toilets cleaned
  • some vacuuming
  • some tidying
  • Network connection extended downstairs!!!
  • Gap filling with silicon upstairs
  • more unpacking and sorting out downstairs
  • label printer working
  • new MHV “dashboard” - published to github and set as screen saver on iMac
  • configuring Axiomtek(?) industrial display to show MHV dashboard
  • lots of cleaning
  • electric striker installed in the jam of the large workshop's working door
  • Flood lights fitted to both sides of building
  • Rostock printer maintenance
  • Bathroom vacuumed and mopped
  • Upstairs vacuumed except for room with Roland which was full of people :)
  • ADSL modem swapped over & seems to be faster
  • Lots more unpacking sorting of electronics upstairs
  • New member form updated & welcome emails sent out
  • Some more unpacking/ organising downstairs
  • Michael disposed of rickety metal shelving unit (in large garage)
  • Michael dismantled metal/wood shelves that were the work in progress shelves at Downer and keep materials for reuse
    • Taylor, Barney, and Andy painted the peg board above workbench in large garage
  • Jamie, Adam, Stephen, and Tim redesigned the internal network
    • Simplified the number of devices
    • DNS was fixed
    • More details can be found here
  • The window sills were cleaned
    • Vacuumed runners, sills, spiderwebs, washed down sills, frames, glass
    • By Paul G, Peter, Michael, and others
  • Peter vacuumed upstairs carpet
  • Ian swept/vacuumed the small garage
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