1. MHV Community Todo List

Add ideas that you have for improving MHV into this list.

We rely on volunteers to get things done, so offer to help if you can. Even if someone is already working on something, they will probably appreciate some extra help. To volunteer, either add your name next to the item on this page or on the project page (if it has one) or offer on the forum.

If there isn't already a project page on this wiki linked from the item, please make one to let people see what's happening, who is involved and how to participate.


  • Review this list (done 26/5/15 )
  • Existing ACTPG system should be left alone, and doesn't seem like it can be extended downstairs.
  • Look at putting our own system in downstairs
  • Reed switches/vibration detection on doors?

Electric Locks for MHV

  • Proper wiring instead of extension cord over the roller door required after bird & draught proofing.
  • Finish installing wiring for coloured lights
  • wifi and wired internet downstairs seems to not be working
  • turn the ugly particle board panel near front door into a nice chalkboard - still needs 2nd coat

A motion detection alarm system won't work very well until the gaps at the ends of the garage are closed.

  • with sliding door in large garage - sliding door has fallen over and has 3 glass panels missing, maybe cheaper to replace than fix :(
  • Jack and others
  • windows facing lake are very difficult to clean - work out how to or get them done commercially?

Next step is to add some data endpoints to allow visualising membership numbers over time

  • See outstanding issues on Github
  • See project page for details
  • Astoria Markovic is an Industrial Designer who is looking at this
  • put bar height bench between black poles in kitchen - material is in large workshop
  • API's for things like the coloured lights to let people interact with them
  • Draft in progress - see page for how to contribute
  • Need volunteer for this
  • Need to setup a media pack about mhv - logos, intro, contacts

This has been on hold due to privacy concerns - probably needs a community meeting about it?

  • Calum has brought in logitech camera
  • Jamie has set up John's AXIS 212 ip camera upstairs - need to decide how/when to use this
  • iMac upstairs in entrance has camera
  • Jamie installed Motion on aspirin - still needs to be configured
  • Consider fencing ends of breezeway

Shopping List

Shopping list for things needed at MHV, please buy them (at a good price if possible) and then fill in a reimbursement form (or see a committee member) to get repaid. Make a note here if you are going to get anything so we don't double up.

  • paper towels
  • pepsi max

Monthly working bee - recurring tasks

These are general maintenance things that should be done at each working bee. If the space is kept clean then most of these will be fairly quick and easy to do.

  • Empty all bins
  • Dust/wash window sills
  • Clean windows if they need it
  • Vacuum upstairs carpets
  • Clean toilet
  • Mop bathroom floor
  • Sweep/vacuum large garage
  • Sweep/vacuum small garage
  • General cleaning
    • check that fridges, kitchen and tables are all clean
  • Tidy up power cables, extension leads and power-boards (distribute load and minimise daisy-chains)
  • put labels on orphaned hackables - assume things are available for use unless otherwise labelled or are clearly “infrastructure”.


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