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 +====== Roland Plotter with Cutter ======
 +{{ :​projects:​group_projects:​2013-11-16_14.57.34-2.jpg?​nolink |}}
 +===== Notes =====
 +This is a scratch-pad for what I've learned about the Roland plotter with cutter attachment. I don't really have time to flesh it out right now (but hopefully the fact I've created this stub page will guilt me into completing it).
 +==== Safety ====
 +  * Probably one of the highest risks is catching hair/​clothing in the two pinch rollers (Either side of the configured page area). The rollers have very high friction and reasonably fast motors. Familiarise yourself with the power-switch at the lower-right and the roller-release lever on the top-left side of the machine before using it.
 +  * Beware that that carriage often continues to move after the safety-cover has been opened, so you should not rely on this as the primary safety cutout.{{ :​projects:​group_projects:​2013-11-16_14.58.11.jpg?​nolink&​300 |}}
 +  * Make sure paper and roller adjustments are performed when the machine is **off**, because the carriage can move with considerable speed also.
 +  * The cutting blade is understandably sharp, be careful when handling it and the pen carousel containing it when outside the machine.
 +==== Capabilities ====
 +{{ :​projects:​group_projects:​2013-11-16_14.57.50.jpg?​nolink&​300 |}}
 +  * Some dry felt-tip pens
 +  * A swivel cutting blade
 +  * A biro adapter
 +==== Setup procedure ====
 +  * Ensure machine is **OFF**
 +  * Open the rolloer-release lever at top-left of machine and raise the safety-cover
 +  * Feed the paper/​medium into the machine, aligned with the lefthand pinch-roller.
 +  * Ensure righthand roller correctly matches the page width
 +  * Select the corresponding page-size from the config menu
 +  * Close the safety cover and the roller-release lever (Plotter now scans medium and fails-out if it doesn'​t match the roller position or selected page-size).
 +  * (Plot)
 +==== Tools ====
 +  * Inkscape to make drawings
 +  * Save-as "​.hpgl"​ file (**Not** "​.plt"​) (**NOTE** There are options to correct origin-offset possibly)
 +  * Send this to the plotter with a 9600/8-n-1 terminal program.
 +==== Tips and tricks ====
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