Move MHV to Ginninderra House

We have finished moving from the Downer space to Ginninderra House in Belconnen, an amazing effort by all the volunteers this weekend, and the people who helped during the last month to reduce what we had to move.

Move from Downer is finished and it is looking very empty:


Stephen's photos of the move:

A rough floor plan for the new space Gliffy. Click on the image to see the full sized version.

Layout on Gliffy

Thank you everyone that turned up in the heat today! We did two trips from Downer and moved a surprising amount of stuff. Still some large things to move tomorrow.

Not much that will fit in cars left, but we need people to help load and unload the truck. Trailers might be useful too.

We started at 7am to avoid the heat, but ended up working through until the truck was returned at 4:30. Used the truck to take a load of stuff from Downer to the tip (the electric cars & arcade cabinet). It did get too hot, but we cooled off at a yumcha lunch before keeping going after lunch.

Thanks to Geoff, Brenda, Paul G, Tony, Calum, Paul H, Andreas, Stephen, Pascal, Ian, Peter, Robert, Michael, Andrew, Max and many other people who hadn't put their name on the wiki. (you can still add your name here)

We started at 9am today. Much smaller turnout, I think we have worn everyone out. We have made a start on sorting out things in the new space. Took away another two trailer loads of things we decided wouldn't fit in the new space.

There is room for the Tuesday maker meetup to happen in the larger room downstairs, and room for sitting around and enjoying the view upstairs. Thank you very much to those of you that came today, without you we couldn't have had the maker meetup this week. Stopped working at around 5:30pm and went upstairs to relax for a while.

Thanks to Paul G, Calum, Paul W, Stephen, John, Geoff, Eyal and Brenda. (I'm sure there was at least one other person - please add your name).

Move the first loads from Downer to Ginninderra House.

People who were available on Friday evening (not a complete list): Geoff, Calum, Brenda, Paul, Andreas, merk,Tony , Stephen, Pascal, Michael, Ian, Peter, Michael

Thank you everyone that came in today.

Role of honour: Stephen, Bob, Janet, Paul, Stephen, Calum, Jack, Miles, Tony, Brenda, Ian, Anton. (Please tell me if I've overlooked anyone!)

Two loads of rubbish and recycling removed, lots of packing and cleaning done.

The space will be open this week, opening for hacking on Tuesday and Wednesday. Things are still usable - the soldering station, tables and most tools. Some of the tools have been packed, although the boxes are labeled if you need to get something back out. And everything is amazingly clean :)

All of these have gone:

lh5.googleusercontent.com_-kuq2bvyfqqw_ur6s2zofcui_aaaaaaaact0_fhklwne048s_w1842-h1382-no_img_20131228_174944.jpg lh6.googleusercontent.com_--msfyvuypde_ur6s2yhu2li_aaaaaaaact0_0cxsv0fohlc_w1842-h1382-no_img_20131228_174929.jpg lh3.googleusercontent.com_-xfn76bz1lcg_ur6s2wrjf2i_aaaaaaaact0_rrgswlcotca_w1842-h1382-no_img_20131228_174902.jpg lh5.googleusercontent.com_-ngizikvfo0m_ur6s2slkxci_aaaaaaaact0_2shqe6boc8c_w1036-h1382-no_img_20131228_174847.jpg lh4.googleusercontent.com_-lfln8pl1ykg_ur6s2ebxeki_aaaaaaaact0_1fmimredhia_w1036-h1382-no_img_20131228_174834.jpg

Time: 10am - 5pm or later

A fantastic working bee today (28th December), lots more sorted out than even my most optimistic plans. There are now lots of treasures for members to come and take home :-)

Role of honour: Jack, Eyal, Geoff, Jeffrey, Tony, Robert, Janet, Patrick and Brenda (I hope I haven't overlooked anyone!)

We have marked things that MHV wants to keep with green stickers. There are numbers on most of them. The idea is that if you don't think we should keep something, you can post on the mailing list mentioning the item number. In the 'junk' or 'bone yard' shelves we have left the things we want to keep but not labeled the individual things. There may still be some things in the shelves that should be thrown out, but we got most of it I think.

Things we were not sure about have yellow stickers - we'd like other people to check them say on the mailing list whether we should keep them.

Things we are sure we don't want to keep have red stickers. There are not many with stickers, because most of the stuff we could move was put in a pile near the small fridge. Please treasure hunt this pile and take home anything you like. Please take home anything with a red sticker that you want.

We've put the 'rubbish' near the roller door at the screen end of the table. There are four piles - e-waste & batteries, metal waste, timber, and general waste. Again, if you want any of this please take it so we don't have to take it away. Or if you can help by taking it to the tip, please do that.

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