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 +====== GovHack 2014 ======
 +When: July 11-13 (Friday - Sunday).
 +==== Introduction =====
 +For those of you who don't know what GovHack is:
 +"All over Australia, hundreds of hackers form teams and work together
 +to create the best new mashups, data visualisations and apps with
 +[open] Gov data [over three days]."​
 +The three days for this year have been announced; starting on the
 +afternoon of Friday 11th July and going through until late Sunday 13th
 +teams will gather (exact location hasn't been announced yet) to hack
 +away on a shared project.
 +A few of us are planning to enter a MHV team and we'd like you to
 +join!  Any and all sorts of skills are welcome; you don't have to be a
 +programmer. ​ If you're a designer, a website person, a front end
 +developer, DBA, Video person, camera person, just someone with ideas,
 +or even just someone who wants to come along and hang out and have
 +Sign ups are here: http://​​register-2014/​
 +They are slowly but steadily drying up, so if you're keen to join the
 +team I'd suggest signing up very soon.  There is no cost (if you don't
 +include time).
 +We're planning to have a few pre-event gatherings to sort out
 +development environments and share our strengths so that things
 +hopefully run a bit smoother on the day.  So please let me or the list
 +know if you're keen!
 +If you have any questions please feel free to ask; I didn't attend
 +last years events, but if it's something I can't answer I'm sure
 +someone who did will be able to answer.
 +Here is last years entry from the MHV team:
 +Looking forward to what promises to be a fun weekend!
 +==== First Steps ====
 +GitHub repository has been created to practice before GovHack: https://​​makehackvoid/​govhack2014preparation
 +==== Who is Interested? ====
 +Add your name here if you are interested in being in the MHV team:
 +^ Name   ^ Signed up on Eventbright for GovHack ^ Preferred times for pre-govhack meet ups ^
 +| Brenda |                 ​yes ​                 |     ​evenings/​weekends ​                   |
 +| Geoff  |                 ​yes ​                 |     ​evenings/​weekends ​                   |
 +| Jamie  |                 ​yes ​                 |     ​evenings/​weekends ​                   |
 +| //your name// |   //​yes/​no// ​                 |                                          |
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