Baking Pi - Operating system for raspberry pi

Stepping through this tutorial

Error codes on raspberry Pi We found these useful in working out what the minimum set of files were to have on the sdcard. Experimentation showed that loader.bin, start.elf and the replacement kernel.img need to be there.


The guides advise an existing working system and replace the kernel.img What is also required from an existing system is the bootloader.bin and start.elf.

I used my original SD card , 256 MB, and used fdisk to set it up as a FAT 16 (Type 6). Copied the generated kernel.img, and the original bootloader.bin and start.elf over.

Need to get setup by installing stuff from the downloads page.

For the earlier lessons you need the plain template, then later the usb OS one.

If you already have make on your path, you can just add the toolchain to your path:

PATH=$PATH:<where you put the toolchain>/yagarto/yagarto-4.7.2/bin

if you don't have make,then add tools as well:

PATH=$PATH:<where you put the toolchain>/yagarto/yagarto-4.7.2/tools

By just adding the path instead of using export you are only doing it for your current session.

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