Strategic Plan

The following is a strategic plan for Make Hack Void, Inc. The structure of the plan comes from Jono Bacon's book The Art of Community. We encourage further discussion of its merit and clarity.

The purpose of the mission statement is to explain what our goal is, why it's important and what we need to achieve it.

To run a hackerspace in Canberra, a collaborative community space where members can work on art & technology projects, share ideas & knowledge, and host public workshops & tutorials.

Foster collaboration between members with diverse skills & backgrounds, and provide access to tools and training that would otherwise be impractical.

Creating and maintaining our web presence, advocacy, organising events, communicating with members, administering group resources and finances, finding and obtaining real estate.

Project management, web design, graphic design, copy writing, policy writing, grant application writing, real-estate application writing, accounting, arts community interaction, events management, legal, community administration, first aid, OH&S, renovation.

We are keen to hear any and all feedback. You can also update this page.

Mission Statement poster (pdf)

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