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 +====== MakeHackVoid Rules ======
 +Adopted by vote of committee 12 Jan 2014.
 +The rules of MakeHackVoid can be summarised as:
 +  * respect yourself;
 +  * respect others; and
 +  * respect MakeHackVoid and others property.
 +===== Safety =====
 +  * Safety is the responsibility of every person at MakeHackVoid
 +  * If you are concerned about the safety of any person – speak up.  Safety concerns have priority. ​ Try to resolve immediate safety issues amongst the people present at the time.  If no resolution is reached, please refer to the committee.
 +  * Any incident where the safety of any person is compromised - either when an injury has occurred, or there was a significant risk of injury - should be recorded on an Incident Report Form and referred to the committee.
 +===== Use of the Space =====
 +  * MakeHackVoid provides a provides a physical space for Canberra residents, as well as national and international visitors to meet, work on projects and socialise.  ​
 +  * Use of the space is intended for Adults, any minors in the space must be directly supervised by a parent or guardian.
 +  * Each person is responsible for leaving the space in a clean condition after use.
 +  * Damage to property caused by misuse is the responsibility of the user to make good – fair wear and tear excepted.
 +  * All activities conducted at MakeHackVoid must be legal. ​ Illegal activities e.g. copyright infringement,​ unauthorised access to computer systems, consumption or distribution of illegal drugs are strictly forbidden.  ​
 +  * The space is not to be used for unethical, socially unacceptable or any other activity which can harm other people e.g. viewing, distribution or storage of porn, phishing or spamming, use of equipment or devices which emit harmful substances. ​
 +  * We prohibit firearms and weapons as defined in Schedule 1 of the Firearms Act 1996 No 74 (A1996-67) and Schedule 1 of the Prohibited Weapons Act 1996 (A1996-75) from the space.
 +  * The committee reserves the right to remove members from the Space, or terminate their membership for breaches of the rules.
 +===== Use of tools and equipment =====
 +  * All tools and equipment must be used for their intended purpose only and in accordance with safe operating procedure.
 +  * Do not use a tool or piece of equipment until you are familiar with it’s safe use.  Induction is required before using nominated tools and equipment.
 +  * Tools which are broken or unsafe must be marked with an appropriate tag, and removed from use.  Report problems with tools and equipment to the committee.
 +===== Donating or Lending Tools & Equipment to MHV =====
 +All items donated or lent to MHV must:
 +  * Be approved by committee.
 +  * Undergo a safety and risk assessment.
 +===== Key holders =====
 +To get a key you must be nominated and approved on the committee mailing list by three members who already have keys. Key holders are responsible to:
 +  * Open space whenever they can and announce your plans to open the space on the makers mailing list and add an item in the calendar
 +  * Receive and induct new and prospective members
 +  * Ensure that the space is left in clean condition, locked and alarmed at the end of the session
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