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This is a list of suppliers for parts and items, of interest to the group.

If you have any suppliers to add, or any comments on the suppliers mentioned, please post a comment and we'll incorporate it into the main list.

Important: Opinions and experiences mentioned below are the personal opinions of the individual authors, and do not reflect the opinions of Make Hack Void Inc. Your experience may vary.

In Canberra


  • Mitchell & Mugga tips. “Cheap, Great for a browse Awesome place to source that hard to get / expensive 240v Item” - Ogros.


  • Jaycar - Fyshwick + Belconnen - Electronic , some mechatronics, some hardware, junky toys to make things out of. Local and easy to get to, but small items can be expensive.
  • Australian Robotics - are a Canberra based online reseller of hobbyist parts. Stock SparkFun/Seeed/other hobbyist lines. They offer free MHV delivery and ANU pickup options.
  • Dick Smith - are pretty much no longer in the hobbyist game any more. :(


  • Monaro Models and Hobbies - Fyshwick - great selection of hardware for making mechanical things that move, servos, lithium batteries, constructional materials - music wire, brass shapes, plastic shapes, carbon fibre shapes. And lots of expensive little packets that at times is just what you need one of.
  • Nitrodude - back of Kambah shops - Similar to Monaro Models, more focused on model aircraft, helicopters, quad-copters, things that fly.
  • RCBits - Weston Creek, similar to Nitrodude & Monaro Models but even more focused on R/C Helis and quad-copters (and the more expensive brands at that). There's no real shopfront but they're quite approachable.
  • Specialty fasteners - Fyshwick. That hard to get screw, nut, bolt etc.
  • Bunnings Warehouse - Fyshwick + Belconnen - All things household and hardware. Very wide range, often cheap for large items and materials, but can be expensive for smaller parts.
  • Blackwoods - Fyshwhick. A lot of overlap with Bunnings, but far more expensive. Their stock caters to a wider variety of specialty trades. Comprehensive online catalogue.
  • Project Lighting - Belconnen, Tuggeranong, Philip. Despite its name, they stock a lot of sundry electrical stuff - might be useful if you're doing anything DIN-rail mounted or need beefy mains relays, switches etc.


  • Protector Alsafe: Unit 1 80-82 Kembla st Fyshwick. Ph: 02 6280 0155. For all your safety gear needs including P1-3 Type A filter masks.

Around Australia


  • Element 14(formerly Farnell) are the ubiquitous supplier of all things electronics. Huge selection, overnight shipping and small (or large) quantities - but not necessarily the cheapest
  • RS Components. Just as expensive as Element14, with similarly wide selection and fast shipping. If one doesn't have something, check the other. RS tends to have a wider selection of obscure and industrial things (sensors, actuators, instruments, etc).
  • Littlebird Electronics. Electronics, Arduinos and robot parts. Stock some SparkFun parts locally. “Fast shipping (provided the part is in stock in Austalia) and good service, but can be more expensive than other online resellers” - Angus.
  • X-ON are an Australian stockist of Mouser (electronics) components. Can be faster/cheaper shipping than buying direct from Mouser.
  • Oatley Electronics. “Top of the list” - peeknpoke.
  • Ozitronics electronics kits.
  • Speedy Spares (Melbourne). “Ups: helpfull, big catalog, fast postage. Downs: the info you get is all you get. - Ogros”.
  • Wes Electronics (Sydney). “Ups: Massive catalog had great expirences with service when I worked for chubb. Downs: Trade service counter (prepare your order in advance) / overcharge public (Still cheaper than jaycar)” - Ogros.
  • technologies have a selection of parts like solder, etching gear, Kapton tape, etc.
  • Freetronics are a manufacturer and supplier of custom Arduino and electronics kits.
  • Altronics similar to Jaycar, but without the kid's toys. For a long time they had a much greater range of surface-mount components than Jaycar.
  • RF Shop (Brisbane). All things RF: connectors, cable, antennas, passive and active elements, turnkey wifi and mobile phone stuff. “Extremely knowledgable staff, they build and test custom-made antennas and cable assemblies. They will happily sanity-check your order if you tell them what you're trying to do. Decent prices, and they know what a waveguide is!” - Paul Harvey
  • Modtronics Australia Various things including ISM band Wireless Breakout Boards eg RFM69HW / RFM12B - PIC24 and PIC32 microcontroller development boards.


  • Minibearings sell more than just bearings. Tiny springs, motors gears etc. “Worth checking out - however they do tend towards being expensive. (I haven't actually purchased anything from them as yet)” - peeknpoke.
  • RS Components - industrial parts and electronic parts mail order. “not the cheapest, but you’ve got to have their catalogue” -peeknpoke.
  • Smallparts - Almost anything mechanical you can think of.
  • HobbyKing - Huge selection of R/C stuff. “I always try to support my LHS (Local Hobby Shop) first, but HK are excellent if you have to mail-order or the LHS price hurts too much” - Paul Harvey



  • “Ups: Great referral Manufacturer direct site have so far had good experience. Downs: Engrish and doubt.” - Ogros
  • Dealextreme. Cheap gadgets and some tools, consumer electronics parts, ultra-bright LEDs. “Shipping can be slow (2 week delays quite possible) and parts can be of poor quality (read the reviews) but one of the cheapest places to get a lot of things.” - Angus


  • Adafruit. Kits, parts, also links to tutorials, etc. Lots of open hardware.
  • Free samples list. Hacknmod have created a list of companies that provide free samples - great for getting your project off the ground.
  • Futurlec. One of the cheaper online retailers for electronic components, also sell a range of prefabricated prototyping boards. PCB production service (untested.) Shipping to Australia starts at \$4. “Very cheap, service is generally good with quick shipping but I've found if an item is out of stock they'll hold the order indefinitely without notifying you - I recommend emailing them and then they will act on it.” - Angus.
  • Seeed studios. Electronics parts, robotics bits, kits, make their own Arduino clone (Seeeduino) and also sell many of the open hardware kits and designs (bus pirate, NanoDSO, etc.) PCB production service (untested.) “I've had consistently great experiences with these guys” - Angus.
  • SparkFun. One of the big names in the “new” hobbyist electronics movement.
  • Surplus electronics dealers list from around the world, by MightyOhm. Is a bit short on Australian content at the moment, though.
  • Wiilke Technology. Embedded “stamp” micros. Recommended by peeknpoke.
  • Eaton Supercapacitors are unique, ultra-high capacitance devices utilizing electrochemical double layer capacitor (EDLC) construction combined with new, high performance materials.
  • Hackvana Hackvana supplies high quality PCBs and electronic parts to hobbyists.
  • ShenZhen2U Supplier of cheap PCBs, much like Seeedstudio - Chinese.
  • Bittele PCB manufacturer and assembly house - Canadian.
  • Electronic Products Magazine Electrical, design engineers & hi-tech lovers! Electronic Products features the ultimate in electronic information hot tips, trends, gizmos & gadgets.
  • General Connector Distributor | PEI-Genesis is a global leader in the design and assembly of custom engineered connectors and cable solutions for harsh environments. PEI partners with customers to design engineered solutions that meet specific application requirements and then delivers with speed, service and consistent quality that is unmatched in the industry.


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