Hack a Space...

Maybe we will need to build our own space… how about hacking some containers…

South Australia's Nomadic Fab Lab is a bit smaller than I had in mind.

Pop-up Bar at the Canberra Day Celebrations

“Canberra based industrial designer Tom Skeehan was contracted to build the bar and gallery, with the timeframe of just one fortnight, following the designs of Canberra Lab members Nikki Butlin and Lester Yao”

The pop-up bar being lowered at the Aurora Residences in Kingston Foreshore

See lots of examples here: Including many of the below examples. - Container shopping and entertainment mall in post-earthquake Christchurch

Starbucks Opens New Reclamation Drive Thru Made From Recycled Shipping Containers turned into Starbucks Drive Thru - scroll down for other interesting images…

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