The MHV space has a number of desktop computers for use by members. Some of these are connected to particular pieces of equipment such as 3D printers and engravers. The general rule is that computers can be used by members and visitors but should be left “as found” - eg. with their peripherals connected.

Each computer will have a login and password for the default user (usually “mhv” or the name of its main dedicated peripheral, such as “printer”). This user name and the associated password should be written on a card or sticker affixed to the computer. Most of the MHV desktop machines will be hardwired to the internet server. If not, the wireless ssid and password are displayed on signs around the space.

Each computer will probably be setup differently. Generally they will be running a recent Linux distro (usually Ubuntu) and have a suite of installed software that reflects their main or recent uses. The default login for the Linux machines has administrator privileges, so installing new software and creating new user accounts is allowed.

If you are likely to be using a particular machine for an extended period, it is OK to create your own user account on that machine and to set up that account to suit your intended use.

Please be aware that:

  • Use of the computers in the space is subject to the MHV Code of Conduct. Use of the machines may be monitored (eg. by security services) to ensure that you are not doing anything naughty or illegal. All your metadata belong guvimunt.
  • Please close all running applications and log out of the user account when you have finished using a computer for the day. If you do need to leave an application running, put a note on the computer to tell other users what you are doing and whether or not they can shut it down when they are finished.
  • Local storage is not encouraged - please back-up your important files to removable storage or your own “cloud” account. This is especially important if you are using the default user account. Please do not store sensitive personal information (including passwords) on these machines.
  • If you sign into any personal accounts while using these machines and you elect to have the site “remember” you, others may have automatic access to that account. Treat these computers as you would a machine in public “internet cafe” (but DO NOT spill stuff on the keyboard).
  • User accounts that have not been used recently (eg. over the past two months) may be deleted to free up space for other users.
  • If you break something, do try to fix it. If you can't fix it, post on the forum with as much info about the breakage as possible. Remember, MHV has plenty of people who actually like fixing things (and who know how to do it). Breakage is NOT a big issue.
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