Calibrating End Mills and Engravers DRAFT

The JWX-10 can be automatically calibrated for the 4th axis tool using the sensor plugged into the Z0 Sensor port at the back top right of the unit. The sensor is 65mm high and once automatic detection has taken place the unit knows that when the base of the tool is 65mm high it will touch the top of the sensor. This translates to knowing that 0 is the top surface of the work table. We can use this to calculate the exact top of a work piece.

What you need:

  • Conductive material such as a metal plate of a known width
  • aligator clip or similar way of connecting the sensor cable to the plateā€¦or a hole for the banana plug
  • feed the cabel through the hole in the back of the unit to the Z0 Sensor plug to allow the door to close completly
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