How to order pizza

Note: This HowTo may be deprecated following the move to Belconnen. There are more feeding options in the local area and many are just a short walk along the foreshore. It is still a fine idea to check with others in the Space whether they want to partake, but the actual algorithm for each foodstuff will need to be reworked on a case-by-case basis.

We get pizza from Crust at maker meets. People seem to be used to pizza orders happening in a certain way, so I'm documenting it here. This procedure may have to change when we move.

As follows is the total knowledge of pizza as passed down by the pizza ancients. Honour them by continuing this tradition. Know that wherever they may reside (melbourne lol) you are entrusted with their illustrious legacy.

  1. Announce pending pizza when it feels like there are sufficient pizza motivated hackers in the space.
    1. “It's $11 for half a large pizza from Crust.”
    2. “Write your name down on the piece of paper.”
    3. “Write any specific requests next to your name.”
  2. Pass The Pizza Money Box around with paper and pen so people can put their names down (so you know how much to order). Note the date on the paper to avoid confusion if there end up being a lot of pizza papers around.
  3. Announce a cutoff on orders. Usually 7pm or a bit later. Use your judgment.
  4. When the cutoff has passed, take the box. Count names, crosscheck with money. If there is a discrepancy ask if anyone hasn't put their name down, or someone hasn't paid yet, or someone is waiting for change.
  5. Get on the phone, because Crust's online ordering doesn't like our address in Downer. The address is “motor trades association, opposite 30 frencham st, downer”. Number is 62626657 for the Braddon shop which is the closest. Order ceil(n/2) pizzas (see below for formula), where n is the number of names on the paper. Popular flavours are Mediterranean Lamb, Peri-Peri, Cajun, Italian Sausage, Tandoori, Falafel (veg.)
  6. Total may come out to slightly less than what you get in the Box, particularly if n is odd. Take difference from the fridge.
  7. Delivery usually takes around an hour (+/- 15 minutes) so 7pm cutoff gives around 8pm delivery. The delivery drivers have been rather confused in the past but seem to have an understanding of where we are. Keep in mind that you may need to direct them.
  8. Pay cash on delivery. Any extra goes back in the fridge (circle of life).
  9. Remove pizza lids with a knife. Halve the lids, that way we have one plate per half pizza. When halving lids, cut along the corrugation (not against it) to optimise structural integrity of resulting plate.

Pizza Number Formula:

$P_{total} = \left\lceil{ \frac{H_1 + H_2 + H_3 + \cdots + H_n}{2}}\right\rceil$

Where $P_{total}$ is the total number of pizzas to order and $H$ are names on the list.

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