Opening the MHV Space

So you have a key and you want to open MHV for hacking. Great! Here's how you do it, and what we would like you to do for the good of the community.

The more notice that people have of the space being open the better, so please try to plan ahead. It's ok to just decide to go in too :) More people seem to turn up to `themed` openings or when there is a social aspect, so consider this in how you announce your opening times.

  • put a “Space Opening” announcement on the Forum and
  • put an entry in the calendar (ask for access if you don't have it)
  • Use your key to open the gate padlock
  • Lock the padlocks and bolt to the hanging chain
  • Use your key to go into the large garage (top lock & padlock)
  • Get the yellow key out of the keysafe (this should've been explained when you got your key)
  • Go in the upstairs door and disarm security (this should've been explained when you got your key)
  • Activate the Space Probe!
  • Swipe a card on the RFID scanner :)
  • Hack things!
  • The members with keys present are collectively responsible for making sure the space runs properly. You are one of them!
  • Remind anyone who arrives to use the RFID swipe in so we know how many people are visiting
  • Welcome people into the space
    • If someone new shows up, be friendly and try to give them a sense of what MHV does. Explain how our new membership works.
    • iMac on the welcome desk can be used to fill in the Google+ membership form if people want to join
  • Hack things!
  • If you decide to stay longer than you originally set on the spaceprobe, add extra time by turning it to how much longer you are going to stay (ie: set it to 1 if you are going to stay another hour).
  • Add things to the shopping list on the white board if you notice we are getting low on anything (everyone should do this, not just keyholders!)
  • Deactivate the Space Probe
  • Make sure all windows upstairs are shut
  • Turn off:
    • ceiling extractors in skylight upstairs
    • air conditioner/floor fan/coffee maker/urn
    • lights upstairs
  • activate alarm (door must be closed)
  • lock upstairs door with yellow key
  • put key in keysafe
  • check that roller doors are closed and locked
  • check that downstairs doors are locked and padlocked
  • make sure all cars are out and lock gate with our padlock at top

Q1. If you are asked to open the space, how do you know it is a member asking? Do you ask if they have paid their months space usage fee?

A1. It doesn't matter, visitors and members are both welcome. We would like people who are coming regularly to sign up & contribute what they can as per the new membership page

Q2. What responsibility does the space opener have towards the individuals behaviour and/or safety?

A2. The key holders present should enforce our code of conduct and safety policies. You can ask someone who isn't complying to leave and should report the incident to the committee.

Q3. Does the opener ensure that the users have tidied up properly? I know I often forget my cups need cleaning.

A3. You should remind people that they need to leave the space clean. You are not responsible for cleaning up other peoples mess, but should email committee and/or makers about any mess that is left in the space.

Q4. If I open the space, do I have to close it?

A4. If you are not going to close the space, you need to arrange with another key holder to do it.

Q5. I'm the only key holder present and there are still people doing things at the time I said I'd go home, what do I do?

A5. You can ask everyone to pack up & leave so you can lock up, you are not obliged to keep the space open. The same applies if something unexpected comes up and you have to leave early. Depending on the day/time you might consider asking another key holder if they want to come in and close.

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