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How to be the MHV Committee


  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • 3 x general committee

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Annual reporting to ACT Government
    • Notify members of AGM (Secretary)
    • Document AGM (Secretary)
    • Arrange Meetings (Secretary)
    • Meeting minutes (Secretary)
    • Submit AGM/Annual report to ACT Government (Secretary)
    • Create annual financial report (Treasurer)
    • Get annual financial report checked by auditor (Treasurer)
  • Organise Bill and reimbursement payments (Treasurer)
    • Rent (currently Direct Debit)
    • Insurance
      • Contents
      • Business and Public Liability
    • Internet (currently Direct Debit)
    • Water
    • Electricity
  • Manage petty cash (Treasurer)
  • Keep accounts up to date (Treasurer)
  • Approve purchases using MHV funds
  • Attend more Tuesday nights than not
  • Meet at least monthly, even if only to confirm that things are on track
  • Keep track of committee business
  • Final say on allowing memberships and attendance (this one is rare, but non-zero)
  • Keep bank account access up to date
  • Keep access to committee private areas up to date - github, google drive
  • Manage contracts with suppliers and service providers
    • ACTPG (ACT Property Group - land lord)
    • JR Richards (bins)
    • Internode (ISP)
    • Rackspace - donated virtual server and mailgun accounts (needs to be transferred from Tim Suess - he used his credit card to create main account)
  • Directing people from outside the community to relevant people (the committee email addresses often get requests from people for MHV to be involved in things, this is usually best passed on to the forum where the community will decide if it has the energy to participate)
  • Encourage the community to take ownership and responsibility of its success

Don’t need to be done by committee, but overseen by committee:

Where there are sub items, they might be done by different people or groups of people

  • Manage MHV online presence
    • Includes encouraging/facilitating others to contribute content on each platform
    • Keep rackspace servers up to date - software admin
      • Keep discourse forum up to date (this needs to happen more frequently than the general server software)
      • Mailgun
    • Google Calendar
    • Meetup account
    • Facebook group
    • Facebook page
    • Github
    • Dashing dashboard (heroku account - currently Cameron Moon)
    • Twitter account @makehackvoid
    • Automation - iftt & zapier accounts using account to login
    • hackerspaces wiki details (should update to latest space API)
    • mailing list archives (only announce list is still active)
  • Maintain computer systems at MHV
    • Keep MHV local servers/computers up to date - software admin (Aspirin & various desktop computers)
    • Maintain network at MHV
      • internet access (internode)
      • wifi/lan
  • Dispute resolution
  • Ensure code of conduct is actively followed
  • Keep MHV premises clean and tidy (working bees/ meetups/ other options)
  • Check PO box and upload any new mail (currently being done by Max Bainrot)
  • Membership management
    • Update membership database with new keyholders
    • Manage members - use membership software to send out renewal reminders, check that keyholders keep their membership current.
  • Document systems and equipment (3d printers and whatnot)
  • Facilitate people in organising workshops
  • Facilitate keyholders opening space & updating Calendar

Treasurer Regular Tasks

  • Weekly
    • File invoices from email (move attachments into google docs), 5 or so per month
    • Ensure PO box is checked for bills
    • Ensure due bills get paid, 1 or 2 a month (rest are automatic)
    • Check petty cash
  • Monthly
    • Update GNUcash with bank statements
  • Yearly
    • Produce annual financial report, using figures from GNUcash
    • Get report audited
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