How To Label Hackable Stuff and Materials

MHV welcomes donations of hackable items and useable materials.

Due to our limited storage space, such items need to be used or reserved quickly or moved on to a "better place". Please help keep our supply of hackable items moving by labeling items coming into the Space. If you see an unlabeled item in the Space, please label it!

Labeling Newly Arrived Gear and Materials

You will find boxes of labels and these instructions in each area of the Space. When you bring new stuff in (or find stuff without a label), please spend a few minutes creating a label and attaching it to each piece of gear or bundle of materials:

1. Fill-in label when an item first comes to the space.

2. Attach label to item with string or sticky tape (see diagram). If there are no labels in the box, print some more.

3. Place item in an appropriate area or shelf with label visible.

4. Let people know about the item via the mailing list or Facebook.

Reserving an Item

Stuff is there to be used and everyone is encouraged to hack the available items.

1. If you want an item for your project, fill-in your name on the label and date it.

2. When you start using the item, replace the label with your own “in use by ……” label

3. If you decide you no longer want an item, re-label it.

Disposing of Labeled Items

1. During MHV working bees, items that were labeled or reserved more than two months ago (and have not been used) may be taken to Revolve or the tip.

2. Any unlabeled items discovered during a Working Bee or at any other time may be either labeled or disposed of - at the discretion of the person who finds it.

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