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 +====== Converting from HTML to Dokuwiki ======
 +contact: Brenda
 +As part of setting up MHV dokuwiki, a lot of pages need to be migrated from the existing website (see: https://​​makehackvoid/​​wiki/​Pages-that-are-not-going-to-be-migrated-to-jekyll for list).
 +I think I've found a work flow for doing that. 
 +  - Save html from existing page
 +  - cut out just the content you want to convert (for MHV website pages, look for ''<​div class="​content">''​ and take down to the closing ''</​div>''​ for this block
 +  - save the section in temp.html
 +  - use pandoc to convert it the mediawiki format: <​code>​pandoc temp.html -t mediawiki -f html -s -o</​code>​
 +  - paste the mediawiki formatted text from the ''​''​ file into http://​​mediawiki2dokuwiki.php and press convert to convert it to dokuwiki
 +  - paste the resulting dokuwiki text into the new page you are making on this wiki.
 +//need to update this for images - I think that will just be download them from MHV website, upload them using the '​image'​ button to the page you are making and update any image links in the page to have the correct local link.//
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