Converting from HTML to Dokuwiki

contact: Brenda

As part of setting up MHV dokuwiki, a lot of pages need to be migrated from the existing website (see: for list).

I think I've found a work flow for doing that.

  1. Save html from existing page
  2. cut out just the content you want to convert (for MHV website pages, look for <div class=“content”> and take down to the closing </div> for this block
  3. save the section in temp.html
  4. use pandoc to convert it the mediawiki format:
    pandoc temp.html -t mediawiki -f html -s -o
  5. paste the mediawiki formatted text from the file into and press convert to convert it to dokuwiki
  6. paste the resulting dokuwiki text into the new page you are making on this wiki.

need to update this for images - I think that will just be download them from MHV website, upload them using the 'image' button to the page you are making and update any image links in the page to have the correct local link.

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