Founding Members

from makers mailing list by projectgus:

MHV first grew out of a discussion on the Canberra Linux User's Group mailing list about the Maker community in Canberra and the possibility of starting a Hackerspace. We had our first meetups at the Wig & Pen pub in December 2009. People were just coming along with whatever they were working on, to show and tell and chat. It was pretty clear even from the first meeting that there was a really enthusiastic group of Canberrans who were into making things (the so-called Maker Movement), and wanted Canberra to have its own Hackerspace.

After the pub, our meetups moved around a bit - from a food court in the Canberra Centre to a tiny back room in the Braddon Club (where we were affectionately known to regulars as “the robot guys.”) We had a few meetings in the Robotics classrooms at Dickson College. Finally, in late 2010 we found our current permanent workshop site in Dickson. We opened the doors there in January last year.

The community started fairly small but we've grown steadily since then, as people stumble on us and find some common interests. We really provide two things - one is a physical workshop facility, and the other is a community, for anyone who likes to make things of any kind.


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