New Space Requirements - Introduction

MHV needs a new home! But what does MHV want in a new home? Ideas go here.

  • Potential new spaces - for the spaces we have under intense consideration. Please leave your thoughts there too.
  • Project contacts - list of people and organisations contacted (to try to limit double dipping or over exposing the local community :\ )
  • Grants and Funding Sources - list of organisations etc. that provide grants for organisations and who has contacted them
  • Hack A Space - Other ideas for hacker spaces
  • New Membership Structure - restructure membership so we can show we have ongoing funds for renting a new space

Example letter to send to potential providers

These are things that if the new space is lacking, we will be hampered in continuing what we do now.

  • Decent amount of space. Say at least 1/2 of what we have now? [156.5 m2]
  • Usable workshop space. It Will Get Swarfy. light-to-medium woodwork, painting, metal work, welding - Ventilation required.
    • Ideally separate/closed off from “clean” space.
  • Separate vented paint booth - keep out sawdust etc and keep paint away from other projects
  • Soldering space - could be in workshop or “clean” space
  • Internet.
  • 24/7 access by full members.
  • Suitable space for maker meets - “clean” space (this could be separate from workshop space I guess)
    • large central workspace with power and good lighting
    • HEATING - Its already cold with the workshop doors open and it's not yet mid winter.
    • Cooling - same in reverse…
  • Running water and sink
  • Toilets

These are things it would be nice to have, some are things we have now but we can do without, some are things we don't have but would be cool.

  • Central location (Fyshwick might be OK, Mitchell would be worse, QBN would be silly for most members)
  • Good public transport, proximity to foodplaces etc
  • Open spaces nearby (parks, ovals) for flying
  • Access to a Full Kitchen
  • Autonomy over the fittings/layout
  • Heating / Cooling - (are these desirables or required?)
  • Cool/like-minded Neighbours
  • distance from residential Neighbours - eg noise disturbance (for them) though cool neighbours may not mind?
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