Lately down at the local Hackerspace... (2011)

angusgr — Sun, 04/09/2011 - 2:06pm

The incredibly talented George Rose (link somewhat NSFW) has generously painted us a giant robot for our rear wall.

Apparently the wheels are in motion to prep more walls, and other artists have expressed interest in helping us decorate, so there should be even more designs coming soon!

Wall sketch IMG_8432 IMG_8579


Jack & Adam have built a brilliant portable wall with a sliding door, for use when the space is open. This will be welcome news to anyone who visited MHV over winter, with constant rumblings of the roller door opening and closing.

IMG_8486 P8140454


The Canberra UAV team continue to meet regularly at MHV as they work towards their entry for the UAV Outback Challenge.

CanberraUAV air tech test bed CanberraUAV ground tech

Canberra UAV @ MM

Lost first-timers and pizza delivery men should be a thing of the past! With assistance from other members, I stencilled a new street sign for MHV.

The stencil was made using cheap book-covering contact. It was cut out on our Roland plotter - a pen plotter modified to take a knife attachment.

Stencil Prep Driveway sign WIP


Alastair has got his CNC Mill back up and running, after a motor transplant, and continues to improve it.

Adam has continued his experiments with MHV's Roland CNC engraver, including having it cut blocks made from polymorph pellets. He also convened a workshop about the Roland, and some other members are now developing designs to cut on it, as well.

CNC mill maintenance IMG_8235

CNC Workshop

The Nerf Herders continue their various Nerfarious experiments and modifications, under the tutelage of Unnoficial Chief Nerfer, Chris.

P8280524 P8240504

Professor Nerf This Maverick just had its capacity tripled


And of course - tech projects, art projects, craft projects, toy projects, serious projects, old projects and new projects. Here are just a few:

Electrical tree sculpture

Polymorph and its hundreds of uses. Just Prototyping


Electrical growth MHV

MHV High Voltage Demo

Come to a Maker Meetup, check us out on Facebook and/or join the Mailing List.

All come from the Flickr pool, photographers dev_dsp, demarchy, mr_combustible2000 & angusgr. Hover over individual photos for details.

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