Three items of historical interest have been received;

Precision capacitor

http://www.ietlabs.com/pdf/GR_Experimenters/1954/GenRad_Experimenter_Jan_1954.pdf is an good description of the equipment and its intended use.

A local copy of the above pdf is precision_capacitor-722m.pdf


This is a Type 3387B manufactured by H. Tinsley and Co Ltd. A search of Google shows a number of these are in historical collections.

The image below has been taken from https://ludos.leeds.ac.uk/dtl_publish/14/82120.html

This one appears to be “broken” but this has yet to be investigated further.

RCL Bridge

This is marked as Universal Bridge RCL 22A, made in Milano, Italy and supplied by Jacoby Mitchell which I believe no longer exists.


The batteries that were removed could have been left in the equipment for up to 14 years. They had leaked and severely corroded the chassis and battery contacts. They are a Duracell 4.5 volt flat battery which seem to be available via e-Bay and some specialist UK shops but not in Australia. See http://www.duracelldirect.com.au/multi-purpose/standard-batteries.html

Other Detail They are tagged and stored atop the cupboard adjacent to the electronics workbench.

It is intended to get them working as demonstration pieces.

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