Group Buys

Group buys are a great way to get many people involved in projects, get some new toys and maybe save some money at the same time.

Starting a group buy

Please post a message on the mailing list with your idea, starting the subject with [group buy] if possible.

If you can get enough people interested, start a wiki page in the group_buys category with the details (supplier, estimated pricing, contact details, shipping details etc).

Until we have a defined template for these, please include the following:

  • Your name, or the organiser's name
  • A table of names/contact details for people who have opted in to the group buy
  • (optional) A link to the mailing list archives if you started your group buy idea there

I need someone (probably me) to build a wiki template for a group buy page –Adam B

  • How should this be handled?
  • * I would imagine that most people would just pick up their bits from the space? Could be handled on a case by case basis where not possible - Tim S

I'm not sure if MHV could sign up as an organisation to get one of these, but they're free to individuals

  • Won't accept courier deliveries, but anything that gets handed off to Australia Post (USPS, HK Post, China Post etc) is fine
  • Contrary to the first point, they will accept Startrack (a division of AusPost)
  • See AusPost Parcel Lockers for more info
  • Need someone to investigate this
  • Add your name or remove your name from the wiki page (?)

Am I allowed to recommend one? –Adam B

  • Please discuss with the supplier first (about delivery to Australia) before resorting to using a shipping forwarder. Some suppliers won't like the use of these and they will always incur an extra cost
  • How does CCHS handle this?

If the proposed purchase is a large one involving more than a few people and the agreement of the MHV Committee, it might be worth developing a Funding Agreement so that everyone is on the same page in terms of access, user rights and responsibilities and what happens if something doesn't work out as expected. A draft Funding Agreement for the proposed Laser Cutter purchase is here and it can be used as a model if it is suitable.

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