Moving info from Assets webpages

The current Assets pages on the MHV website are out of date. We need people to volunteer to go through them and move any useful notes about the equipment onto the wiki.

The risk assessment information should not be moved because we are working on a new risk assessment policy and will need to redo all the risk assessments in the new space.

Things should only be listed on the wiki if:

  • it makes them easier for members to locate
  • it is valuable enough to include for insurance or end of year reporting
  • the item might be dangerous and needs to have a risk assessment
  • there are useful notes about how to use it

There are two assets pages on the wiki based on the end of financial year report of assets:

These pages only include items that were thought to have enough value to report on. There may be things that are owned by MHV that should be added to these, and there are things on the mhv_equipment list that should be on a consumables list (or not listed at all).

Suggested recording format for any new asset category pages (or add to bottom of this page)

Item Notes location
Name or description of item brief notes or link to wiki page(s) about item location of item

Linking the items in the assets lists to any wiki pages about that asset would help people find that information.

Please list the sections or pages you have checked here so that people don't redo the same sections of the website (although feel free to check and improved bits that have been done).

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