Equipment Owned by MHV

This is the list of assets owned by MHV as at end of June 2013.

  • Please use strike through text to mark any that you know have been disposed of since June
  • Add new ones at the bottom of the table with a note saying when they were acquired.
  • Update the location of items that get moved
  • Some of these should be moved to consumables
  • Some items should be grouped, not recorded separately
Item Notes location
Zyxel ADSL Modem Rack
Brother QL-500W label printer Admin desk
HP 7475A Plotter On computing shelf
HP DesignJet 650C Behind computing desks
SVEC 8 port 10/100 switch CNC desk
VC2002 Function Signal Generator Electronics bench
Projector Mount Installed on ceiling
Whiteboards 1 only Near large meeting table
4 Piece Scraper Set Missing 1 piece
600VA Isolation Transformer Electronics bench
Bosch PWS 1000 (angle grinder) Tools shelf
Crescent Tool Kit 170 Pieces Tools shelf
Digital Calipers Tools drawer
Digital Calipers Tools drawer
Digitech Multimeter Electronics bench
Digitech Multimeter Electronics bench
File and Rasp Set 12 Pieces Workzone Tools shelf
MSP430 Development Board eZ430-F2013 x3 Junk shelf
Ozito Power8 Workshop woodwork area
Phillips 4-ch 100MHz Oscilloscope Covered and also branded Fluke Electronics bench
Quick circuit 5000 CNC desk
Roland JWX-10 4 axis mill CNC desk
Screw driver set, Eagle, 19 pieces Missing some screw drivers Tools drawer
Taurus 2000W heat gun Tools shelf
Taurus Belt & Disc Sander Woodwork bench
Taurus Table Vice
Kinchrome torque wrench set Tools shelf
Workzone 10m Measuring Tape Tools drawer
Workzone 10m Measuring Tape Tools drawer
Workzone 11 Piece Allan Key Set Tools drawer
Workzone 34 Piece Tap & Die Set Tools drawer
Workzone 6 Piece File & Rasp Set
XUI Jig Saw Tools shelf
XUI Power Drill (with Hammer)
hacksaw x3 Tools drawer
2 x 1000W Heaters & 6 power boards
Bench Vice Woodwork bench
ALDI Workzone staple gun
Drill Press (red) CNC desk
Airflow upright vacuum cleaning shelf
Ryobi shop vac woodwork area
Dustflo vacuum near the bins
Ozito mitre saw Woodwork bench
Ryobi band saw Woodwork bench
False Wall Installed in doorway
Axiomtek touchscreen PC On meeting desk
Big Motors with Encoders Junk shelf
Hobby Ozito hot glue gun Tools shelf
Soldering Stations
BBQ Plates, BBQ supplies In BBQ
Power cords purchased 15/11/2012
Power boards purchased 26/2/13
980 Litre 2 Door Upright Display Refrigerator - Skope Industries - SK1000XL-C purchased 25/4/13 Near lockers
Digitech QC1910 Oscilloscope - 20Mhz donated by Angus 1/1/2013 Electronics bench
Straight edge - 60cm donated by Angus 1/1/2013 in tool shelf
Roland LPX-250 Laser Scanner donated by merk Jan 2014 Upstairs
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