Equipment on loan to MHV

If you know something has been returned, please leave it in the table but use the strikeout text to show it's gone.

These are the items that we have listed on loan to MHV as at end of June 2013 that are still on loan:

Item Location Owner
Televideo 910 Next to fridge Adam
A4 Laminator Admin desk Adam
Bandsaw (Ryobi 400w Desktop) Woodworking bench Australian Robotics
Hitachi CC14 355mm Cut-Off Machine under woodworking bench Techwise
Logic Probe - 3800A (CYE) Electronics bench Dave
Powertech Lab DC PSU Electronics bench Geoff
Roland Drafting Cutting Plotter behind computer bench Techwise

These items have been returned to the owner or donated to MHV since June 2013.

Item Location Owner
Lumina 5L Water Cooler Alastair - returned
Desk Mounted Magnifier & Ring Light Alastair - returned
Digitech 60W Ultrasonic Cleaner Alastair - returned
epson r210 photo printer Alastair - returned
Noname 10/100 switch Angus - returned
500W Brushed Motor Alastair - returned
ATX Power Supply Tester Alastair - returned
Soundcard Preamp Alastair - returned
USB Snake Scope Donated to MHV
Incircuit Transistor, Diode & SCR Tester Alastair - returned
Lead Acid Battery Checker & Zapper Alastair - returned
Digitech QM1588 Sound Level Meter Alastair - returned
Desktop CNC Mill - CNC3030 Alastair - returned
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