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Members of MHV use this wiki to collaborate on projects and workshops and to share information about equipment and how to do things. We also have a main website and a Forum.

We rely on volunteers to get things done, so offer to help if you can - check what needs doing and add your name on MHV Community Todo List.

Upcoming Events

Unless stated otherwise, all events are held at Ginninderra House.

If you want Ginninderra House opened at a time not shown as open in the calendar please use the Forum or contact one of the people who can open the space.

Recent Changes on this wiki

New Pages


Workshops & Training


See training for how to request a new training workshop. Add your name to individual pages if you want to attend a workshop or can help run it. There are lots of workshops available.



Read about projects being worked on at MHV, document your own projects, suggest or join in on group projects! Complete list of project is available here.

Group Buys

Members can arrange and participate in Group Buys for components and other items.

How to - instruction pages


Check these pages when you want to know how something works at MHV. Pages covering topics as diverse as how to use the PCB Engraver, Using 3D Printers, How to order pizza and How to label hackable donations and materials. This section also has our safety instructions for equipment and risk assessment. As you work out how to do things, share your knowledge by updating existing pages or creating new ones. Complete list of howto's is available here.

MHV Equipment - Technical Documentation

Technical documentation about our servers, network and other infrastructure.

MHV Rules and Policies

The rules and policies of the MHV community.

That other stuff

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